Dolores River Boating Advocates
Headquarters Location

740 N. Beech St.
Cortez, CO 81321
United States

Focus Area
Parks and Recreation (including interpretation/education)
Water Management
Opportunity Type
One-time recreational experiences
One-time stewardship experiences
Seasonal jobs - summer
Summer camps
Ages Served
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, Post-High School

Social Links

We are a group of rafters, kayakers and canoeists based in southwestern Colorado. We love and appreciate the river that flows through and sustains our community. We recognize the multiple uses that it affords, including irrigation, recreation, domestic water supply and industrial use. However, we feel strongly that the Dolores River needs a management plan that better balances human needs with the needs of the ecosystem. Permanent protection of the river and surrounding canyon country will enhance our community and leave a legacy for future generations of which we can be proud.

Dolores River Boating Advocates helps youth form a deeper connection with their watershed. Programming provides opportunities for education and recreation on the beautiful Dolores River. Through these experiences, youth gain knowledge about Leave-No-Trace, conservation, and water management. Youth are also able to make connections with a variety of experts in green jobs (BLM, CPW, leaders in conservation, sustainable agriculture, river guides).

Work Examples

Spring Rafting Trips on the Dolores River

Summer Camp Youth Mentor

Volunteer for Stewardship Projects