Cal-Wood Education Center
Headquarters Location

2282 County Road 87
Jamestown, CO 80455
United States

Stewardship Projects
Community Education
Data Collection
Focus Area
Land Management
Parks and Recreation (including interpretation/education)
Opportunity Type
Full-time jobs
Part-time jobs
Seasonal jobs - spring/winter/fall
Seasonal jobs - summer
Summer camps
Volunteer positions
Ages Served
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, Post-High School

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Cal-Wood's mission is to offer a unique outdoor educational experience to youth and adults.

Cal-Wood’s founding vision has guided our organization for 38 years: to inspire a greater appreciation for the natural world; to offer environmental education to those who would not otherwise experience it; and to provide unique educational opportunities in a special mountain setting.

Cal-Wood strives to grow the diversity and number of people who experience nature and the Colorado mountains. Cal-Wood has provided environment and outdoor education to hundreds of thousands of Coloradans through school programs, Latino Family Camps, and summer camps held at our beautiful mountain site and Colorado’s public land.

Opportunity Examples

Volunteer Opportunities

Field Instructor Positions

School and Retreat Programming