Apr 28, 2023

Who Hires? Where to Look for Green Jobs

Green jobs are everywhere! Perhaps the most obvious place to start your job search is with an agency and organization that relates directly to the environment. These agencies and organizations exist at all levels of government (local, state, federal), at private companies, non-profit organizations and higher education institutions. Below are a few examples:

  • Local Government: City or County Parks and Recreation Department; City or County Open Space Department
  • State Government: Colorado Parks and Wildlife; Colorado Department of Agriculture; Click here for more!
  • Federal Government: National Park Service; U.S. Forest Service; Click here for more!
  • Private/For Profit Companies: Outdoor guides, outdoor retailers, engineering or forestry consultants
  • Non-Profit Organizations: The Nature Conservancy (National), Colorado Foundation for Water Education (Statewide), local zoos, parks, nature centers and museums

If you are passionate about nature but not about being outside or you don't love science or math that's okay! These same agencies and organizations need skilled marketers, financiers, IT specialists, writers and even social media influencers.

Seek Green Jobs in Unexpected Places: In addition, there are many companies, organizations, government agencies and nonprofits beyond those that we traditionally think about that integrate green principles into their work.  These could be a transportation agency, construction company, beverage bottler, energy producer, carpet manufacturer, hair salon and more! You can bring sustainability and green perspectives into any job and organization even when the main focus of the job is not strictly or wholly about sustainability! Look for relatively new position titles like Sustainability Coordinator, Green Landscaper, Green Bond Financier, Green Builder, and Urban Farmer.

Become a Green Entrepreneur: Many of the jobs we need for a green and sustainable world do not yet exist. Some of the most exciting and impactful jobs were created by an entrepreneur responding to a community need. Many of the new job titles listed above (e.g., Sustainability Coordinator) were first created by an entrepreneur who saw and addressed a business or community need.