Feb 13, 2023

GeoInspirations Podcast Series: Stories of People Who Work in Environmental Science and Geosciences

Dr. Joseph Kerski is the Education Manager at ESRI in Louisville, Colorado. ESRI, or the Environmental Systems Research Institute, is an international supplier of geographic information system (GIS) software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications. For the past several years, Dr. Kerski has interviewed dozens of diverse and dedicated people that are employed in environmental sciences, geosciences, and geotechnologies. These interviews have been captured in a podcast series called GeoInspirations.

Below are links to several of his featured podcast interviews. You can find the full listing at Directions Magazine.

Eva Reid: GIS professional for the District of Columbia (Washington DC) and independent GIS consultant and mentor. Learn about her work, her journey, and her vision for the future.

Mark Bushman: School Programs Manager and Environmental Educator for Eco-Cycle in Boulder, Colorado. Mark has worked in environmental education for more than 10 years and currently helps lead the Eco-Cycle schools program, one of the most wide reaching and comprehensive waste reduction and environmental education programs in the country.

Allen Carroll: Program Manager for Storytelling at Esri. Allen worked for 27 years at National Geographic, including an influential role as Chief Cartographer, where he created a number of influential atlases, maps, and more. He has a very interesting pathway but one has always been focused on writing, designing, graphics, and mapping.