What is GIS? How important is it to know GIS in the Green Industry? 


GIS stands for "Geographic Information Systems." A GIS system links location information with data that describes what is happening at that location. This data can be environmental information like temperature, type of vegetation, or inches of precipitation, social information such as demographics, number of people, or average home age, and economic information such as income. GIS systems can help us visualize patterns and analyze relationships between different factors. As such, they can help communicate information and solve problems. GIS is used in almost every field, including green jobs. While it isn't necessary for every position, it is very important to know in scientific fields such as geology, wildlife management, hydrology, forestry, park planning and more. Although not Colorado based, here is an example of how GIS was used to Map Environmental Crime in the Amazon - There are many opportunities to get a degree or certificate in GIS at Colorado higher education opportunities! Find more at