Jun 08, 2024

Meet Kaydee Dodge, NWDC Environmental Educator

Meet Kaydee Dodge!

Kaydee is a 19-year-old Environmental Educator with the Pueblo Nature & Wildlife Discovery Center. After graduating high school, she started going to college for film . . . but unfortunately, it just wasn't the right fit. She felt a bit lost and did not know what she wanted to study. So, after one semester, Kaydee took a break, and looked around her town, Pueblo, for a job that would give her a sense of direction.

Kaydee found a listing for an "Environmental Educator" at the Pueblo Nature & Wildlife Discovery Center. It sounded like the perfect fit! She had always loved camping, fishing, and being outdoors. She had also really enjoyed her experience as an elementary aide when she was in high school. Kaydee applied, and happily for both Kaydee and NWDC, she got the job.

Kaydee developed a unique teaching style, using humor, excitement, and creative instruction to develop fun-filled lesson plans. She taught on the banks of the Arkansas River and up in the foothills of the Wet Mountains of Colorado, and encouraged her students to physically engage with the natural world around them. Through her position as an NWDC Environmental Educator, Kaydee realized that not only could she be a good teacher, but this would be the perfect life-long career for her. This fall, she is going back to school and working towards her teacher certification.