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Stormwater Coordinator

Urban stormwater is water that comes from driveways, roads, parking areas, industrial sites, lawns and rooftops and can carry with it pollutants to nearby waterways. Each city/town is required to comply with limits on discharges of urban stormwater into streams, rivers, and lakes. A Stormwater Coordinator is responsible for providing leadership and technical guidance for implementing a city or town’s Stormwater Program to maintain compliance with these limits to help keep waters clean enough to support recreational use and aquatic life.
Stormwater is carried through a pipe to a neighboring waterway

On a typical day, a Stormwater Coordinator may perform inspections and quality assurance for commercial and residential development, enforce management best practices, maintain records, prepare and review comprehensive and investigative reports, and develop and manage public education and outreach programs. Work is performed in the office and in field settings. Considerable outdoor work is required in the inspection of various developments, construction sites, or public works facilities. The typical work schedule is Monday through Friday.

A Stormwater Coordinator should have knowledge of construction principals, practices, and terminology; Knowledge of applicable laws, regulations, codes, ordinances, and policies governing storm water; and the ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Most positions require an Associate’s Degree with major course work in an Environmental Studies area including biology, storm water pollution, natural sciences, resource management, forestry, wildlife management, or a related field. Experience and/or training in construction, stormwater management, drainage, roadway construction, or erosion control is also typically required.

The hiring salary range for this position is typically $61,136 - $73,363 per year.